Car Detailing Sussex

We offer a highly trusted car detailing and valet service from our Sussex premises, ideal for all types of vehicles including vintage and classic models. Our specialists use state-of-the-art equipment to attain the highest standards.

Concorso Restorations are experts in car detailing and operate in contained, ventilated work areas to ensure the quality of work is second to none.

Our core services for car detailing include:

  • car polishing
  • car detailing
  • car cleaning (interior and exterior)
  • fixing scratches and imperfections
  • paint correction
  • waxing
  • ceramic coatings

Our car detailing service is ideal for any car owner who wants to enjoy a clean, protected car, and for owners of luxury, classic or vintage cars that may be exhibited or attend shows. We’re able to cater to all vehicle types, all the way from family cars to high performance and high value prestige models.

Whilst it depends on the car valeting and detailing being completed, works typically take between three days or two weeks. When you come to collect your vehicle, you can relax in our welcoming, modern waiting room complete with a coffee machine and water cooler. It is also child friendly and offers disabled friendly access.

Book one of our car detailing packages by calling us on 01403 786520. We will book you in for an appointment at a convenient time to suit you and your schedule. We also offer paint protection packages from 2-10years for extra peace of mind.

Car detailing service packages

Our three packages have been designed to deliver professional car detailing at competitive prices in Sussex. Each comes at a fixed price covering a number of services from interior to exterior. We can also arrange for a tailored approach should it be required. No matter which package is best for your car, you’ll receive outstanding customer service and results.

Bronze Package From £495.00

  • Full clay bar
  • One stage polish
  • Carnauba wax coating

Silver Package From £895.00

  • Full clay bar
  • Two stage polish
  • Carnauba wax coating

Gold Package From £1295.00

  • Full clay bar
  • Three stage polish
  • Ceramic coating

The ceramic coating used in the Gold Package is Gyeon two year protection. We can add different ceramic coatings to packages to suit each customer’s budget.

We also have a 15,000 sq foot heated showroom for car storage which is secure, fully insured and climate controlled. This is available to book with a similar package system with no maximum stay limit. Same day decisions possible.

Professional detailing finishes

All of our car detailing falls into specific manufacturer guidelines for new cars and your vehicle will be returned to you looking spotless and with a new car shine. Using only the highest quality products and processes,  we can wax and coat your car to not only look impeccable but to better protect the paintwork.


Car polishing smooths out imperfections in paintwork and leaves the body with an impressive showroom shine. The chemical formula of professional car polishes will simply remove water spots, marks or swirls and can be applied as a cream, spray or liquid.


Waxing a car applies a natural coating to the body that offers effective paint protection for up to 6 months. It’s a fairly long term form of protection and the coating will also make your car easier to clean.

An efficient way to maintain the quality of your paint work, it will reduce the likelihood of further scratches and imperfections within those 6 months, which also helps protect the value of your car.

Ceramic coating

Ceramic coatings are solvent based and can last for up to 10 years. Ceramic coatings offer huge benefits to car owners as they protect the paintwork from scratches, offer UV protection so paintwork won’t fade, repel dirt and moisture, and are resistant to the elements.

Our two main high quality products used for these coatings are Gyeon Quartz and Ceramic Pro.

Enquire today

Contact our specialists today about how we can make your car shine just like new to get it ready for its next event, or just to impress the neighbours. Call us on 01403 786520, email or submit a contact form to find out more and book in our car detailing services.


Can I just drop in for car detailing if I’m in the Sussex area?

No, all of our car detailing and valet services are by appointment only. This ensures that we can offer you the best experience and customer service, and of course provide you with the highest standard finishes.

Do you have a waiting room available all year round?

Yes, we have a modern, heated waiting room that has disabled access, suitable for us all year round. As works take anywhere from three days to two week, the main use of the waiting room is to relax when you come to collect your vehicle.

My car has custom paintwork, can it be detailed?

Yes, we have excellent paint matching facilities and years of experience working with custom cars, vintage cars and classic cars. We have a wider range of paint services available as Concorso Restorations, including custom work. Please see more about our services and view our portfolio.